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Are you a mom with a brilliant business idea simmering in your mind, but unsure how to bring it to life? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the maze of starting a business, from naming it to marketing it? 

What if you could turn those dreams into reality, with a clear path and a supportive community cheering you on every step of the way?

Let’s be honest: if you can manage a household with kids, you’re practically primed to run a boardroom. 

As a mom, you've already got all the tools you need to be a successful entrepreneur: multitasking like a pro, wrangling chaos with grace, and turning a sticky dining room table into a strategic planning board. 

Entrepreneurship?... It’s just another day of motherhood, but with possibly better coffee and definitely more spreadsheets. 

So, moms, buckle up your entrepreneurial seat belts, because with your track record, you’re already equipped to lead, inspire, and succeed in these mompreneurial streets!

Introducing the "Ready, Set, START!" 5-Day Challenge to Launch Your Business Now – your golden ticket to launching the business you’ve always dreamed of, all within the nurturing role of being a mom.



How do I know? Because I have been there too!

Hey there! I’m Tiana Starks, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned on this wild ride called motherhood, it’s that creativity and chaos go hand in hand—whether I’m wrangling my two amazing kids or dreaming up the next big marketing campaign.

Back in 2017, I took the leap into entrepreneurship, founding my first company from the kitchen table. Fast forward a few years, and that little venture blossomed into a 6-figure marketing consultancy. Not one to rest on my laurels, I co-founded a full-service ad agency, where I learned firsthand the magic of turning ideas into multi-six-figure success stories. (Fun fact: we even snagged some industry kudos for a killer Converse campaign!)

But it’s not all about the bottom line for me. I want to help you achieve your dream! Let’s turn those dreams into reality—together!

I know starting a business can feel daunting!

You're juggling family life, personal commitments, and that inner voice doubting if you can really do this. I understand. I’ve been there. That’s why "Ready, Set, Start!" is tailored specifically for moms like you – ambitious, bright, and a little short on uninterrupted time.

Each day of the challenge is crafted to move you forward in your entrepreneurial journey, transforming complicated tasks into exciting activities—all while having my support. You don’t have to do this alone!

For only $25, you’ll end this week not just with a list of tasks checked off, but with a real, live, functioning business ready to grow! Here’s how we do it!


Levitating Objects


Name Your Destiny!

Create a brand that stands out! Find a name and secure your domain, ensuring your business makes a memorable first impression.


Become Official!

Navigate the legal landscape with ease. We'll guide you through registering your business, making the process straightforward and stress-free.


Set Up Your Fortress!

Establish your operations, from setting up a PO Box to organizing your business space, setting the stage for success.


Success Mapping!

Pin down exactly what you’ll offer and how it’ll bring in revenue. This day helps you clarify your products or services, preparing you to hit the market confidently.


Shout It from the Rooftops!

Learn the essentials of marketing as you prepare to launch. We’ll help you craft your first marketing campaign and teach you how to engage your audience effectively.

Norrell Hemphill, Esq.

“Tiana does this! She has the education, professional experience, and passion combined with her natural genius and talents - proof positive of being a seasoned leader and the perfect business coach! Tiana provides you with the tools to navigate complex concepts, common professional and personal roadblocks, and all other daily muck that clogs up our focus to help find your way to accomplish your goals!"

Shane Gowdy, Founder

“Tiana has a proven record in the entrepreneur space. You want to learn from an expert and that's exactly what she is. Additionally she makes concepts palatable and profitable. Give her a chance you will thank yourself later."

Bryanne Standifer, M.D.

"Tiana understands the challenges and joys of motherhood and business firsthand. Her passion for empowering women, along with her business acumen, are a few of her superpowers that allow to create a supportive community for mompreneurs."

Are you ready to FINALLY step into your power and make your business dreams come true? 

Join us for the "Ready, Set, START!" 5 Day Challenge to Launch Your Business Now  and watch as your business idea bloom into a vibrant reality.

Don't miss this chance to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into action. Spots are limited, and your future business awaits. Sign up today and let’s make those dreams a reality together!


ONLY $25

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