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More About Me

Hello there! I'm Tiana Starks, a passionate professional in marketing and entrepreneurship, a proud mother of two amazing kids, a wife, and a bit of an introvert.

In 2017, I founded my first company, which quickly grew into a 6-figure marketing consultancy in just three years. Later, I co-founded a full-service ad agency, transforming it into a multi-six-figure business in two years, earning industry recognition for a Converse campaign. As a professional, I'm known for bringing innovation and strategic thinking to help brands shine through creative marketing.

Beyond my entrepreneurial journey, I serve as the Director of Communications at We The People of Detroit, a nonprofit empowering communities through education and advocacy. This role has allowed me to focus on work that is truly meaningful to me, making a real impact on the lives of youth leaders and those facing water insecurity in Detroit, the Great Lakes region, and beyond.

When not working, you'll find me at a gymnastics meet with my daughter, in a coffee shop with a good book, or tending to my beloved garden. I have a deep love for reading, adore the color blue, and cherish my family above all.

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