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From Self-Care to Sunday Prep: Nurturing Mompreneurial Well-Being and Efficiency in the New Year

This week's blog is a slight departure from my usual very business-focused content, shifting the focus to a more holistic perspective of mompreneurship. While I typically concentrate on the entrepreneurial side, it is critical to recognize ourselves as whole people, women who strive for success in both work and home. So, this week, while I’m still focusing on ways in which we can create the opportunity for increased productivity, I’m sharing some routines that I’ve created for my personal well-being and to streamline dinnertime in my home. As a bonus, they also create efficiencies in other areas of my life.

I frequently discuss the importance of establishing daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly routines tailored for aspiring introverted mompreneurs. However, as we begin a new year, I’m reminded of my annual traditions and I want to share two practices that I've incorporated into my life to set the stage for a successful year. Neither is explicitly tied to the work I do in my business, yet both significantly enhance my overall efficiency, and productivity and contribute to my mompreneurial mindset as I begin a new year.

The first practice revolves around self-care, which I believe is an essential element for everyone, especially those of us juggling motherhood and business ownership. I believe that addressing physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being is crucial on your journey as a mompreneur. Personally, I know that I must prioritize my physical health, understanding that as cliche as it may be, "your health is your first wealth." Exercising is non-negotiable for me if I want to show up at my best self daily. Its impact on my performance both at home and in the office is undeniable and there is a significant difference in my stamina and general performance when I don’t maintain a fitness routine.

Enter my fairly new annual ritual – kickstarting the year with a 3-day juice cleanse followed by the Whole30 Diet Reset Program. The Whole30 is an elimination program designed to help people understand the effects of the types of food they eat on the mind and body. While the program lasts only 30 days, its value extends beyond that timeframe. For me, It instills intentionality at the beginning of the year, raising my awareness of the food I consume throughout the entire year. It also compels me to be even more intentional with planning my weekly schedule, ensuring support for meal planning and any necessary adjustments to my routine, which then prompts a broader look at other aspects of my life. This leads me to the second practice I want to highlight in this blog, meal preparation for the week.

Sundays have become my dedicated day for preparing all the meals we will eat in the upcoming week. That’s right, I make all of the meals I will prepare for the week in one day, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Surprisingly, it usually only takes about two hours, thanks to advanced planning. This simple routine has proven to be a game-changer, freeing up considerable time during the week, especially with my daughter's demanding gymnastics schedule. Not only does it save time, but it also creates mental space by eliminating the daily dinner dilemma. Knowing that wholesome, homemade meals are readily available in my refrigerator or freezer alleviates the daily dinner decision stress.

While these two practices may not seem groundbreaking, they serve as rituals that reinforce my identity as a mom and support my entrepreneurial pursuits. They provide the positive momentum needed to kickstart the year with a series of small wins that contribute to long-term success.

What new habits, or practices have you started or are planning to start in 2024 to kick your year off with the positive momentum you need to show up as your most efficient, productive, and successful self?



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