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Your Why Is Not Enough

Hey, Y'all! I hope your week is off to an amazing start! I spent this past weekend kind of doing my own thing. Everyone who lives with me was gone. And let's be honest, we all need that sometimes, and we don't have to feel guilty about it! Moms and, more specifically, mompreneurs tend to feel guilty over taking time to themselves without work, without kids... But it's wonderful, and it's needed, and we should all do it more often! Am I right?

As I was enjoying my alone time, I began to reflect on what motivated me to start my own business, and more importantly, what has kept me going on this entrepreneurial journey. I always hear entrepreneurs saying that to stay the course, you have to have a strong why... Your reason for starting your own thing. Some say it's family. Some say they wanted the freedom to travel. For some, they may be seeking extraordinary wealth. It really ranges, based on personalities. In theory, it's a nice concept to have one underlying passion so strong that it motivates you to get out of bed every morning... but I challenge that. YOUR WHY IS NOT ENOUGH. Yup, read that again...

What has kept me going on this journey has been INTENTIONALITY, PLANNING, and ESTABLISHING GOOD HABITS. I ventured into full-time entrepreneurship in 2017, and it was hard. My partner gave me 3 months to sink or swim, but I was determined to succeed. I created a morning routine to ensure that I was mentally ready to face each day, thus establishing a good habit as the first thing I did daily. I made a plan; I scheduled 2 networking events every week. I scheduled time to cold call. I established and maintained relationships. I WAS INTENTIONAL. And now, 4 years later, I'm still here, and my business has grown by leaps and bounds. I am still doing my morning routine and planning out my days and weeks in a way that works for my life. Because while doing all of this, I'm still a mom and a wife... we'll cover that another day (lol).

But, the point is that just about everyone has something that could motivate them, like family, money, or whatever. But not everyone has the wear with all to create something and see it through. Being intentional is the key.

So I challenge you to create an intention for your life. What is a thing that you can do this year that will get you closer to that intention? Great! Now, what are the action steps that you need to take to complete that one thing? Write them down and get them done!



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