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I Finally Figured It Out!

I've known for a while that I wanted to create a product or service that serves women, specifically women entrepreneurs with children or "mompreneurs", but I've struggled to figure out exactly how. As you know, I'm a marketing agency owner, so when I was getting my company started, I naturally thought I would serve these women through marketing. I was going to help mompreneurs market their startups!! Right? Nope, wrong!... Coming from corporate, my approach to marketing is a lot different than the needs of solopreneurs, and it just was not a good fit. Yet, the desire to be a resource for women entrepreneurs, specifically "mompreneurs," has never waned. So recently, I started to dig into my bag of talents and understand what my true "zone of genius" is. I really dug deep, looking for themes that have been present throughout my entire life (thanks to the Glow Up course by Rachel Rogers), and that's when I had my aha moment!!!

Kept simply, I GET SHIT DONE! Not to toot my own horn, but I do. That is my superpower! It just comes naturally to me; it has always come naturally since I was a kid... When my business partner and I merged our businesses last year, it was clear that I would serve as the company's Chief Operations Officer because managing operations and making sure that we are getting shit done as a company only makes sense for me.

OK, so back to my "aha moment." I realized that helping mompreneurs get shit done is how I could best show up for this group that I've always wanted to be there for. Because really, what mother who is an entrepreneur doesn't want to be more intentional and efficient. That is literally all we think about, am I right?

So the point of this whole thing is to say that I'm cookin' up something. Yay!!! I'm not sure what the final product looks like just yet, but just know that I'll be putting my project management skills (check the resume) and my natural inclination to be productive to work developing something that will enhance the lives of my fellow mompreneurs. If you are a mompreneur, let me know in the comments if you could use some assistance in being more intentional and strategic about how you approach projects, both in your business and at home. What would be helpful to you? I've got some tips. Stay tuned!.



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