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From Mom to Mompreneur: A Mom's Guide to Identifying Core Entrepreneurial Skills

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Let me share a bit about my journey as an introvert and mompreneur. I started my professional career as a digital project manager at an advertising agency in Detroit. Honestly, as an introvert, I was not sold on the idea of being the point person to coordinate a diverse team of people working on website development and digital ad campaigns. However, as I excelled in the role, I came to love putting a plan together and galvanizing the resources to see it come to life. Reflecting on this starting point often brings me back to the realization that I've always been a project manager at heart. From leading my high school basketball team as captain to orchestrating a large-scale conference for MLK Day in college to ensuring that my kids' schedules are organized and planned for the weeks and months to come, the ability to bring order to chaos and lead a team has been a constant in my life. And despite popular belief, being an introvert has not hindered my ability to collaborate with others and get things done.

In the whirlwind of responsibilities that entrepreneurs, especially aspiring mompreneurs, must navigate (given the multitude of hats they wear), I've come to a profound self-realization: Stripped down to my core, I am essentially a project manager with ambitious goals. My unique power lies in transforming chaos into order, crafting action plans, and pulling together the resources needed for execution. It's a bit nerdy, but I genuinely love this process because of my introverted need to solve complex problems. By tapping into my innate tendencies and acknowledging what brings me joy, I can pinpoint roles and potential business ventures that perfectly align with my capabilities and desired lifestyle. Consequently, every entrepreneurial endeavor I embark upon is infused with applying these skills and values that align with my natural abilities.

Now, you might be wondering, "How do I identify my own unique skills and talents that can translate into good business ideas?" Well, I've got you covered. First, I've crafted a Business Visioning Workbook for fellow mompreneurs, easing the entry into the entrepreneurial journey. Second, let's dive into some key questions that will help you specify your inherent skills and talents right here in this blog!

Here are six questions to help pinpoint your core interests, skills, and talents as you embark on launching your business:

  1. What are the most significant personal experiences or life moments that have shaped my interests and passions?

    1. Reflect on pivotal life events, both positive and challenging, and consider how they have influenced your values and passions.

  2. What skills, talents, or hobbies do I excel at or genuinely enjoy?

    1. Identify areas where you naturally excel or have a deep passion. These could form the foundation of a business aligned with your strengths and passions.

  3. What problems or challenges have I encountered in my life that I am uniquely equipped to solve?

    1. Consider personal obstacles you've faced and explore whether your experiences can be leveraged to create solutions for others facing similar challenges.

  4. What aspects of my career or work history have been most fulfilling and satisfying to me?

    1. Reflect on past job roles and experiences, pinpointing tasks or accomplishments that brought you joy and satisfaction. These could be indicators of potential business ideas.

  5. What do I envision as my ideal lifestyle, and how can my business venture support that vision?

    1. Envision your desired lifestyle, including work-life balance, location, and financial goals. Consider how your business can be crafted to align with and support this vision.

  6. How can my significant personal experiences, skills, and the challenges I've overcome intersect to create potential business ideas that align with my passions and ideal lifestyle?

    1. Identify and nurture three potential business ideas that resonate with your passions and also address real-world problems and challenges you've personally encountered and overcome.

By exploring these questions, you'll likely discover a clearer path toward business ideas that not only align with your skills and passions but also contribute meaningfully to your envisioned lifestyle. If you're ready to thoroughly immerse yourself in crafting a business vision, download the Business Visioning Workbook tailored explicitly for (introverted) mompreneurs by clicking HERE. This resource is designed to assist you in gaining clarity on your personal strengths, skills, and desires, and guide you on how to apply them effectively to shape your future business ventures.



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