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A Journaling Blueprint for Success: Navigating Mompreneurship with the PB&L Method

Mom journaling

Numerous academic studies highlight the positive impact of daily journaling, ranging from reducing depression and managing anxiety to boosting the immune system, improving memory, and fostering gratitude. Journaling is a universally beneficial practice, but as an introvert, it is particularly helpful for helping me navigate the intricacies of my mind. As an introverted mom, it plays a crucial role in keeping me organized amidst the myriad responsibilities, both at work and home. Whether it's jotting down weekly meal plans or meticulously scheduling our calendars, journaling is my lifeline for maintaining order.

As an introverted mompreneur, establishing a daily journaling routine was one of the first things I did when I started my first business. Each workday commenced with this newfound habit. I employed a specific method to ensure consistent progress and alignment with my goals. This journaling method, which I termed the Personal Business & Life Blueprint (PB&L), serves as a daily reinforcement of my overarching life and business vision. It also acts as a constant reminder of the steps needed to actualize that vision.

The PB&L method doesn't require an elaborate planner; a 5x7 notebook suffices if used consistently. My entrepreneurial success is, in part, attributed to grabbing my PB&L daily and following the outlined steps.

PB&L Dialy Journal Entry

  1. Motivation/Intention: Frame your entrepreneurial aspirations as if they are your current reality, embodying your future self. Write this affirmation daily to fuel your drive. For instance, when I started, mine was:

    • "I am a prosperous and highly profitable entrepreneur, generating $20K+ per month. I manage a proficient and dependable team. Clients experience satisfaction and success due to my contributions."

  2. Quarterly Goals: Identify three to five goals for the quarter using the Laddering Up method, ensuring consistency throughout three months. A blog post on the Laddering Up method is forthcoming!

  3. Daily Affirmations: Craft two to four affirmations addressing your mental, physical, or spiritual needs at that moment. Embrace your power and create affirmations reinforcing this notion.

  4. Gratitude List: Express gratitude by listing three to five things you're thankful for, tapping into the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits associated with practicing gratitude.

  5. To-Dos: List all your tasks, starting with the top three priorities for the day, whether work-related or domestic. This comprehensive approach aids in maintaining a sense of control, which as an introverted mom I’m sure you will appreciate.

Starting your workday with this daily journal entry in your PB&L forms the foundation for your role as a business owner and cultivates your entrepreneurial mindset. While acknowledging the reality of mom life (let’s be real, you may not get to this every single day, because we're moms, and we know better... but aspirationally), strive to make this a daily practice.

The PB&L method doesn't demand an extravagant journal; however, for those seeking a tailored option, I've created one for aspiring mompreneurs, available for purchase HERE. Alternatively, regular notebooks in my online store provide a less prescriptive choice. If neither suits your preference, you can find quality, affordable journals at places like Marshall's. Regardless of your choice, starting this habit now can be a transformative game-changer, propelling you forward on your mompreneurial journey.



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