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Ready, Set, START! - 5 Day Mini-Course to Launch Your Business Now

Are you a mom with a brilliant business idea but feel overwhelmed by the steps to bring it to life? "Ready, Set, START!" is your fast-track solution. This 5-day challenge empowers moms to turn their dreams into reality with a clear roadmap and supportive community. Forget the "mom guilt"! Your experience juggling chaos and wrangling schedules translates perfectly to entrepreneurial skills. This program unlocks your inner leader and positions you for success in the "mompreneur" world. In just five action-packed days, you'll go from brainstorming to business launch. Each day tackles a critical step, from crafting a memorable brand name to building a winning marketing strategy. No more feeling lost in the maze – "Ready, Set, START!" provides the guidance and support you need to confidently launch your dream business.


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Ready, Set, START! - 5 Day Challenge

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